The Passing Of Gregg Herbert


We were saddened by the news that Gregg Herbert passed away. The only consolation is that he went peacefully in his sleep.

That a man who could happily admit to go sliding into the grave screaming ‘what a ride!’ should be so peaceful about it gives us all hope.
Gregg’s funeral was almost like an anti funeral. Sure we cried, but by god we had a good laugh too. We know that is what he would have wanted. So we heard about his life that was over all too soon and the packed crowd that came to see him off listened respectfully. (Although when the lady orator whilst relating an anecdote about Gregg’s life admitted that she had never woken up in the morning on the dining room table with someone hoovering beneath, there was a quip from the crowd of ‘well there’s always tomorrow’ which gave us a high comedy moment, and we knew Gregg was laughing wherever he may be).

The wake was like Luton’s punk reunion with members of Gregg’s past bands there and friends from gigs and the alternative Luton music scene. He was a drummer, and a mighty good one too.


His drums sat on the stage at the wake, surrounded by photos and posters. There were a lot of happy memories and a good piss up by the bar to see him off.

Gregg last played drums with the Flexy Boys, a dynamic Luton band featuring the Stevens brothers. However, Gregg had been in other bands over the years. Irritant springs to mind, and Spon mixed the CD they made a few years ago, collecting the material together and bringing this heavy heavy stuff to the masses. It was not for the faint hearted!

Gregg was also in The Twitch, described as a ‘noisy Luton pub rock band’ some members going on to form Alice’s Orb. My personal favourite band featuring Gregg was The Rattlesnakes. Everything was right about this band…from the name to the attitude which was cheeky punk of course. I never saw them live – they were a few years before my time, but footage and material that survives shows a vibrant, powerful enactment of all that was punk, from the hair styles to the swearing and the talent of keeping it together to perform when most people would probably be on the floor.

The Rattlesnakes were a golden moment in the Luton Punk Scene, and it seemed appropriate for their version of ‘Tough Shit Wilson’ to end Gregg’s funeral. It WAS tough shit and we had to get through it and say goodbye to a bloke who had made such an impression on so many people. It really was incredible that he had brought everyone together from Luton’s alternative community, and beyond. Many who have left came back to pay their respects. The bonds of comradeship of this community held together by its love for what makes Luton great – its alternative music scene – was really touching. The strangest thing was that it felt like he was going to come through the door at any moment.

At the end of that day distant friends had been found, and a few new friends had been made. We lost Gregg but will not forget him. We have the music, and the memories, and have inherited a backdrop which is too big for the house.

Thanks Gregg.  RIP


5 thoughts on “ The Passing Of Gregg Herbert

  1. Thank you so much for this – so sorry it has taken me so long to find this post – it is coming up for a year since my darling brother left the party…. my most beloved bested friend left me for a better place xx I miss him every minute of every day and will do till my last breathe .,,, – Greggy still lives ON! or is alive for/in so many x The Gregg Community is still there thanks to his specially chosen friends Jim, Simon and Andy and, so many more that he has influenced x God bless The Greggster x x

  2. Didn’t know you had gone Gregg just thinking of you at Christmas time you will never be forgotten. everyone knew you such a charismatic original character loved my many. sometimes life was hard for you I know but you always made me smile even when you were being impish and playing drums on my head. Your a lovely man with hart of gold, bless you old mate thank you for all the good times and laughs hope I see you again down the road my good man. one of Lutons best.

  3. Its Christmas time and thinking of Gregg missing him at christmas. who am I, it doesnt matter. The great people we meet, make us who we are and inspire us always.
    A none conformist with a big heart never forgotten, loved lots and I miss him.

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