Making a Sound Track For Life

Diamond Seeds began to take shape as we discussed a website to host a radio show, but as the idea grew, new components were added.

‘We needed a platform to promote and sell our music. Ella Jo covers  the Neo Folk/intelligent Pop genres and Spon is a master of a unique style of highly listen able Drum and Bass and moody ambient styles. Our material is totally original, using modern technology, but rooted in traditional songwriting. The albums are journeys through light and shade, a full reflection of life expressed through music.’

These sound-scapes could be the soundtrack to a movie. Ella Jo laughs again, ‘Yes, people sometimes say that they have moments when they feel like they are living in film – our aim is to capture and weave those dramatic and ambient moments into our music, making a soundtrack for life.’

The challenge has been to sculpture moods into lyrics and melodies – like a poet or painter the musicians must connect closely to emotions and spiritual feelings. ‘I think Spon and I share the same way of listening,’ says Ella Jo, ‘I hear melodies in the sea and other natural sounds like the wind through the trees. Spon collects sounds and creates new sounds from samples.’ Both musicians like to build new worlds – taking a framework of words or molding instrumental lines.

Discovering their music, people find that they have hit a rich seam of creative energy which has been captured and honed into sounds that feed the imagination and tell the human story in so many different ways.

‘For me, songwriting is about reaching inward to the true expression of what a song is trying to say.’ Says Ella Jo.

The material from Spon and Ella Jo’s projects certainly prods the senses and demands an airing – near the top of your ‘must play list’!

Designer Clothes At Diamond Seeds

Reckless Relic – A Porthole Into Antiquity And  Official UK Decay Merchandise

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Reckless Relic Logo

Diamond Seeds are proud to announce the launch of two exciting brands. Through Diamond Seeds clients now have the opportunity to purchase Tee shirts and other products with unique designs.




Bringing Art from History into the Modern World

A Greek Statue

Reckless Relic is the hottest new thing in clothing design. This unique brand conveys a respect for art from the past and supplies clothing portraying ancient images. We love the concept and welcome them on board. You can find out more about Reckless Relic on Diamond Seeds and take a look at their first five top designs available exclusively through us.

Reckless Relic Clothing Designs

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UK Decay, the iconic post punk band who rose to fame in the early eighties, have chosen Diamond Seeds as an outlet for their official Tee shirts. This is a great honour for us, and a guarantee to their fans that here they will find the genuine article, designed and approved by the band themselves.


UK Decay, For My Country T Shirt


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