Tea on the Lawn, Umbrella Fair, Northampton

From folk to funk – its all here!

Well a busy time altogether means no time for blogging, but at last I got around to it. The last year has been all about writing and I have produced some children’s stories. I invented a witch called Gwubbins and sent her on adventures with her friends, many characters or figures based on folk I have known, with lots of fiction thrown in. Getting peoples kids to read the material and provide feedback has been an uphill struggle and I have to rely on my own judgement a lot.http://gwubbins.recklessrelic.co.uk/

I don’t engage with children very much, so these stories have been written for my own inner child to enjoy. I feel that I have discovered another facet for artistic expression.
Inventing playful characters and scenarios and honing it into a readable, engaging piece of work has been truly rewarding. The art of storytelling is no mean feat! I am shocked that I have spent so much time and effort on this project, and am totally immersed in the process. Hence, music practice was neglected, although we worked on my latest album in fits and starts, and I am sure it will be finished soon.

DancingSo I got offered a half hour slot at a little gathering called Tea on the Lawn and realized that I needed to practice like mad because my finger tips had gone soft and I had forgotten the chords. I was getting over a dislocated thumb (!) and had to fit practice times around the neighbours and wait for some space to bash the hell out of a guitar. Then, because I had practiced the songs at a fast tempo, the songs were too fast when I played them at the gig.

Trying to remember how to play on a stage again!

Ella Jo – I was trying to remember how to play on a stage again!

On a positive note I didn’t mess up and I remembered all the words. I had forgotten how it felt to perform, but the audience were generous and kind and it was not a disaster!

Engaging performance - strong songwriting!

Corinne Lucy – Engaging performance – strong songwriting!

There were other people doing their spots at Tea on the Lawn and I was blown away by the talent and enthusiasm. The goodness of the crowd, the punters and the organizers, was truly heartening. Check out – CorinneLucy.com




Mel on Whistle!

Mel on Whistle!

So I am going back for another crack at the open mike because I felt encouraged and supported, and who knows, it may be better this time?

It is fantastic to be given the opportunity to practice performance at this little gathering!

Tea on the Lawn Northampton 2014Look up and go!   www.umbrellafair.org.uk