Handfasting Ceremony Dunstable 19th May 2018

A Beautiful May Wedding!

With the trees in blossom and the sun shining brightly, a hand fasting took place in the early afternoon.

Unsure whether I could control the camera, I made an effort, mindful that even with today’s technology, short bursts of film are easier to deal with than filming over long periods.

For those who want to watch, hit play, then pause, to wait for the white bar to load up.  WARNING! playing these videos the way it is currently setup will take 400 meg so make sure you have enough data before playing!


All the family held hands in a large circle to begin with. When they were told they didn’t need to hold hands, they didn’t let go straight away. I think it shows how happy they were to be there.












Friends and Family who followed different lifestyles and religions all  came together to witness the special moment of Neila and Maura’s handfasting.

To be wed among the blossom on such a beautiful day was very special!


It gladdened my heart to see such emotion and joy.

It was very uplifting to be part of this wonderful occasion.


A moment of synchronicity when the bells of The Priory pealed at the end!

Learn more about handfasting here : http://www.handfastings.org/abouthandfastings.htm