Interview with Ella Jo talking about her new novel, Touched By A Presence

Ella Jo talks about her first novel ‘Touched By a Presence’ and gives some insight into her writing and music background.

Touched By A Presence by Ella Jo Street – Stories from a rural community, paths cross and lives become entangled.

In 1824 John Street seeks unconventional help for his son’s nightmares and encounters an old woman who makes haunting prophesies. Ghosts appear as her words play out at a hang-fair twenty years later, and again, when folks decide to leave their precarious world to emigrate.

John is a survivor. He returns home from the army, no longer a boy, battle-scared and disturbed. The story follows his life as he finally settles down to become a straw plait dealer and marry his sweetheart, Sal Cambers. John’s grandfather and aunts provide an historical perspective, and add to the plot.

Characters appear who challenge the strict social rules of nineteenth century England, their motives imagined and explained in a vibrant interpretation of rural village life.

What comes to light is the mettle of those living through the gaiety and woes of Old England, before an established way of life is swept away by industrialization. Although fiction, Touched By A Presence is based on authentic characters and historical events.

Thanks to all involved with the making of this film.