Diamond Seeds started out as a name for our independent recording project. As two experienced musicians we found we had music to make and the skills and technology to create our own albums. Six CD’s are now available, made by Diamond Seed Productions.

As we are in sole control of the project, we are able to produce music to a high standard, drawing on a vast amount of experience between us. Our backgrounds span song writing to production.(See information about Spon’s background as a sound engineer and Ella Jo’s experience in music and performance in ‘Artist Profiles’ on the Diamond Seeds website). Our musical output is expanding as we continue to collaborate with other, ongoing, music and recording projects.

We enjoy working with other musicians, being able to develop talent and create excellent music. We also use the internet to promote and sell our products.

People who have a developed musical taste will enjoy our music. All our products breathe quality, we offer a different take on what the mass market supplies in music and books. Our independence is our strength, as we use modern technology to make and market our products. We are able to reach across the world to individuals who can make a better informed choice of the music they listen to, and the knowledge they wish to pursue.

In short: We aim to provide products that add quality and exclusivity to life experience.

Having created Diamond Seeds we think that it can go further than a Brand. We are concerned about artists and musicians who have a lot to offer, but are confined to the sidelines by a media that manipulates popular taste and stifles promotion of truly talented individuals. We would like to give a platform to other creative people, and expand the quality of global culture – it is exciting that we can do this via the internet. We are new to networking but can see its value – it is good for everyone!

So, as a way of showcasing talent from around the world, Diamond Seeds are making music radio podcasts – as a free service! This helps to promote ourselves and other artists. We keep standards high, so that every podcast is a great experience – we choose songwriters who have depth, and music to make our listeners dance – and we cover most genres too!

We want to provide an open season for talent – and we believe in putting a value on that talent. Our customers can expect exclusive, quality products, reasonably priced, from artists who are paid properly. Artists who would struggle to make a living locally can survive once placed within the global internet culture.

We are also interested in books and writers. Diamond Seeds also hosts a Books section which provides a porthole into the world of Tarot, and is able to expand to accommodate other appropriate writers and artists.

So Diamond Seeds is not just for shopping, it is a space where creative people can get involved. We seriously consider anyone who has a contribution to make whether to our radio pod casts or submitting books or music.


Our vision at Diamond Seeds is to provide a platform for talent. We love the freedom of the internet – to network, to educate and to make anybody’s dreams come true. We are a non corporate, commercial site – with a community flavour, selling our unique wares under the ‘Diamond Seeds’ umbrella.