Making a Sound Track For Life

Diamond Seeds began to take shape as we discussed a website to host a radio show, but as the idea grew, new components were added.

‘We needed a platform to promote and sell our music. Ella Jo covers  the Neo Folk/intelligent Pop genres and Spon is a master of a unique style of highly listen able Drum and Bass and moody ambient styles. Our material is totally original, using modern technology, but rooted in traditional songwriting. The albums are journeys through light and shade, a full reflection of life expressed through music.’

These sound-scapes could be the soundtrack to a movie. Ella Jo laughs again, ‘Yes, people sometimes say that they have moments when they feel like they are living in film – our aim is to capture and weave those dramatic and ambient moments into our music, making a soundtrack for life.’

The challenge has been to sculpture moods into lyrics and melodies – like a poet or painter the musicians must connect closely to emotions and spiritual feelings. ‘I think Spon and I share the same way of listening,’ says Ella Jo, ‘I hear melodies in the sea and other natural sounds like the wind through the trees. Spon collects sounds and creates new sounds from samples.’ Both musicians like to build new worlds – taking a framework of words or molding instrumental lines.

Discovering their music, people find that they have hit a rich seam of creative energy which has been captured and honed into sounds that feed the imagination and tell the human story in so many different ways.

‘For me, songwriting is about reaching inward to the true expression of what a song is trying to say.’ Says Ella Jo.

The material from Spon and Ella Jo’s projects certainly prods the senses and demands an airing – near the top of your ‘must play list’!

Diamond Seeds Radio Show and Podcast

We are looking for people to forward their music for a radio show which will be distributed via a pod cast every month, as a live stream.

Diamond Seeds Radio

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more info and working radio here

My idea for Diamond Seeds Radio is to grant exposure for musicians without making them sign away their rights. Each month a pod cast containing one hours worth of music will be broadcast and listeners will be able to follow links back to featured bands own sites.

Diamond Seeds Radio is now ready and waiting for artists to approach us so that we can play their music.

“My vision is for Diamond Seeds Radio to deliver a great opportunity for bands and a great listening experience for the people all over the world who are gonna tune in!”

About Diamond Seeds Radio and Podcasts

Ella Jo "Ella Jo on Diamond Seeds Radio"

It’s dangerous to ask a girl what she wants sometimes. In my case it was a radio show, to host music without prejudice on the web for everyone to hear.

We are looking for people to forward their music for a radio show which will be distributed via a pod cast every month, as a live stream.

We do not require payment and we cannot pay out to artists, we are purely offering the opportunity to expose your music on the internet. We are musicians ourselves and appreciate how difficult it can be to get radio play, so we have decided to set up a facility on the net for ourselves and others to play out our music. We do not discriminate between artists or genres; this is a genuine opportunity to get your music heard.

We guarantee that anyone submitting their material for us to play will retain their ownership and all rights to that material. Neither will we attempt to sell your material without prior permission; we will simply provide links to your own site.

Diamond Seeds will provide a streamed monthly radio show (with archives) that will become available as a pod cast. It will feature music provided by anyone who wants to submit their material. It will allow any musician to get their material on the internet, without prejudice, helping to create an interest in their music.

How to get your music played on our monthly show

Simply send us a copy of your material as an mp3 (128k, 44kz) and we will try to include it in our radio show.

We do reserve the right to disqualify material which we deem inappropriate.

Please send to diamondseed3 AT (and put “for Diamond Seeds Radio” in the title)

Ella Jo At Diamond Seeds

Diamond Seeds are pleased to announce the hosting of Ella Jo’s albums on our site through our on line services.
Ella Jo's three albums signed to Diamond SeedsEJ has written and produced four albums to date, each with ten original songs. Limits Of Milkweed, Alter Ego, Attitude is Everything and Almost Anglo Saxon. These albums span the genres as she embraces neo folk to unapologetic popular music but also incorporates drum and bass grooves, acapella, and classic vibes of bond movie stature. All the songs are woven together with al fresco style singing and strong lyrics. The albums are enhanced by amusing sound-scapes, using interesting concepts and montaging techniques.

Introduction to Diamond Seeds

Welcome to the Diamond Seeds Blog.

This Blog is to accompany the website.

We aim to create a website that will be an alternative to the mainstream. It will contain an online store for music and books, also mail order CDs and other creative products.

We are a non-corporate, commercial site, with a community flavour. Our wish is to sell our self-created wares under the Diamond Seeds umbrella. In the future you will find more of our products as our creative projects come to fruition. Where possible, we will use the latest technology to deliver our goods for the market place.

There will be a monthly podcast which will be archived for future downloads and listeners can follow up any music that is featured.

We will feature artist’s books and calendars, lyric books and music books.

This blog will have regular, useful, features, that may be helpful for artists and musicians so please check back from time to time.

A big thanks to Jim at