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We are always expanding the books that are available at Diamond Seeds.

Available at present are works by Ella Jo which fall into the following categories :

Children’s books, Tarot Books for Adults and Lyric Books to accompany Ella Jo’s music albums.

Here is a brief outline and links of works available. To learn more about the books go to the drop-down menu on the Books section.

The Edictum of Tarot - Uncover Hidden Knowledge by Ella Jo Street

The Edictum of Tarot – Uncover Hidden Knowledge by Ella Jo Street

Ella Jo’s Tarot Work is always ongoing. Having been familiar with this type of counseling/divination for many years, a whole encyclopedia is planned over the years.

So far only hard back versions are available for the in-depth studies published so far. These reference books from The Edictum of Tarot series are available on Blurb –

The Magician

The High Priestess

The Empress

The Emperor

Other tarot books – paperback also on Blurb – Journey Of A Tarot Reader

Links for ebooks on Tarot

Journey of A Tarot Reader on Blurb or Smashwords

Does Tarot Come from India? on Smashwords

Limits Of Milkweed Lyric Book

Limits Of Milkweed Lyric Book

Lyric Books – paperbacks to accompany Ella Jo’s Albums – includes songwriting credits and stories behind the songs!

Alter Ego Lyric Book

Alter Ego Lyric Book

Limits of Milkweed

Alter Ego

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude Is Everything Lyric Book

Attitude Is Everything Lyric Book

Childrens Books featured in the Books section (See drop down menu)  are about Gwubbins The Witch. These books and more details can be found at

A Witch Called Gwubbins Website.

Quick links to Childrens e-stories :

The Exploding Birthday Cake

Gwubbins Winter Adventure

Barney The Musical

Barney The Rock Show

The Zombie Pirate Children

There will be audio versions of some of these children’s books in the near future.