We are enthusiastic about most types of music, having originally started this website to promote our own music and other musicians who we love to listen to.

Here you can learn about the musicians that we host and buy some of the music through us.

Genres of music available to buy on this site include :

EJ Castle Tavern Dec 2010

Artist: Ella Jo

Folk – in an urban style
as Ella Jo is a singer who was influenced by popular music of the 60s and 70s. Being influenced by later, harder, underground styles, has shaped her musical output, so that her style floats over many influences, creating a sound of her own. Expressing her take on the world,her music is uplifting and thought provoking. She refuses to be tagged to any particular genre, as Ella Jo experiments with sound to stretch her songwriting skills into new poetic and musical territory. Drawing from the pool of traditional song-writing, she teases out new directions to delight the listener.

CD collection by Ella Jo

CD collection by Ella Jo

Click below to link to Ella Jo’s Albums:

Limits of Milkweed

 Alter Ego

Attitude Is Everything

Almost Anglo Saxon

Ella Jo Artist Page | Ella Jo Product Page

Nostramus Drum and Bass

Artist: Nostramus

Steve Spon has created albums alive with a drum and bass feel
although they too shake hands with other genres. He teases the ear, forming sound-scapes from samples, allowing for ambient moods, whilst at other times shaking down the house with beats! Every listen reveals a new level of layers in the music of Nostramus. His ability to reach to the depths of human experience and tweak its mojo are quite extraordinary. Upholding the quality one has come to expect from the master of the sound desk – we are pleased to promote his material.

Nostramus Artist Page | Nostramus Product Page

Diamond Seeds Podcasts

Diamond Seeds Podcast’s also highlights many up and coming independent artists. We broadcast a new show aproximately every month, our archive of podcasts can be found here.