Journey of a Tarot Reader – now an e book!

Here is a new review of Journey of A Tarot Reader to coincide with its release as an e book!
It is by Ella Jo Street and it was good to read through it again!

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 No great heavy tome of a book is this – it is light to carry and light to read. However, when I picked it up to review it, I found it hard to put down.

This is a book about a journey, a girl who reads tarot takes herself away from her life for a summer to discover what she thinks will be a Bohemian beach life in Greece. Based on her journals she gives a true account of her experiences and her inner world. Her travelling continues as she decides to go further than she had planned and she keeps a diary from the perspective of a Tarot Reader.

The journey reveals people and places as she explores Turkey and leaves her asking questions about the emergence of Tarot in the West. She shares her story with wit and energy helping to reveal the nature of the places she visits.

The book’s strength is its readability and the driving pace that it takes as a travel story  unfolds. It reflects the summer of 2012 in Greece, Turkey, and later Hungary and Czech Republic, on a mission to gain an understanding of the foundations of these cultures.

The clues collected in her travels cause serious research on the author’s return and the book ends with some information that lovers of the Tarot may appreciate.

So, all in all, Journey of A Tarot Reader is a biographical travel story, with tarot overtones, which can enhance an understanding of tarot in today’s world.

This is the first book by Ella Jo Street that sees her finding her feet as a writer. Her other tarot publications attend to each major arcana card in a series of volumes called Edictum of Tarot. (1st Volume out soon)

Some sections of her work about the first four major arcana cards will be made available soon on e books.


Journey Of A Tarot Reader

Journey Of A Tarot Reader Serious research on the possible influence of the Mother Goddess Religion on the concept of Tarot

In 2006 Ella Jo made a trip to Greece to read Tarot on the beaches. Her journal reveals the realities of a Bohemian beach community life and the story unfolds as she decides to go exploring. Influenced by her desire to find the origins of the Tarot, she travels to Turkey to look for evidence. In 2005, Ella Jo visited India, finding evidence for the original structure of the Tarot cards; this 2006 journal charts her search in the Middle East.



Ella Jo relates her journey from Santorini to Crete and Rhodes, then on to Turkey returning to the UK through Bulgaria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The book makes entertaining reading as she tells of her encounters with people and places she found on her journey.

The second part of the book, headed ‘Notes’, takes a deeper look at the subjects uncovered in her journey. She presents serious research on the possible influence of the Mother Goddess Religion on the concept of Tarot, seeking linguistic and historical material to provide insights. Ella Jo also investigates the mystery of Tarot’s appearance in Europe, providing glimpses of evidence from surviving historical data.

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This book is a must for those interested in the fascinating phenomena that is Tarot.

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What’s New At Diamond Seeds!

What’s New At Diamond Seeds This Easter

This Easter we have some new products on Diamond Seeds to delight the public. Ella Jo has made available some new books for those interested in the Tarot with two very different books on this subject. Both books are highly readable and informative, whether you are a serious student or just have a passing interest.

The first book to be produced is called ‘The Magician which is an in-depth study of this Tarot Card. It is actually the first book to be released from a whole series called ‘Tarot Decoded’ which Ella Jo says will eventually reveal all the meanings and mythologies behind each Tarot Card. We look forward to making more editions available from this on-going series.

We also have the pleasure of making another of her books available, called Journey of a Tarot Reader’. Ella Jo writes the story of her adventures in this entertaining paperback. The tale unfolds as she has a taste of beach life then takes a trip through Turkey seeking the origins of Tarot. If you are looking for some light reading for the beach this book makes a great companion. And for those who are fascinated with the subject of Tarot, she has included her research notes at the end of the book.

Finally (!) the irrepressible Ella Jo has produced yet another lyric book. Entitled ‘Attitude is Everything’. This book of lyrical poetry accompanies the album of the same name, (to be released April 2010). As with her other lyric books, there is a chapter giving information about the stories behind the songs, along with all of the poetry that makes up the lyrics on her third album.

All of the above books are new and available now on Diamond Seeds.

And Coming Soon…..

In the near future Diamond Seeds will be releasing the next Nostramus album called ‘Earthlights II’, and Ella Jo’s third album, ‘Attitude is Everything’.

We are looking forward to hosting the next edition from Ella Jo’s series, ‘Tarot Decoded’, which will be a whole book about the High Priestess Tarot Card! And we hope to make a fantastic book available by Hugh Byrne called ‘Visions’ – a quality book by this enigmatic photographic artist.

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